Experience and Work Tips for Bounty Hunters

Before you begin on your Bounty Hunter journey, it's easy to get caught up in the idea of what you are doing. The thought of bringing in criminals to justice will start your adrenaline going. The thought of tens of thousands of dollars for doing your job well could cloud reality, so be sure to keep it real. That’s why it is best to get experience first before you go into it full time.

Get out on the streets and make some contacts. You should be comfortable going into the "right" bars at the wrong time, and asking some tough questions. This isn't the Wild West, so you won't be grabbing the bartender by the lapels, tossing him across the room and shooting up the bar, if he doesn't give you the information you want, but you should be able to come up with a few "interesting" ways to get people to talk. You will have to be creative because it is difficult to get people to talk in most situations.

Today’s Bounty Hunters use computers, phones, and other technologies to track down criminals. They will track their whereabouts and last known addresses, talk to family members, friends and stalk their hideouts until the criminals are apprehended.

It's best to start learning a few of these tricks, either through a mentor or peer that is in law enforcement. You could learn a few interrogation techniques by taking a law enforcement class, or reading books on the subject. However, there is no replacement for real world experience.

When you decide to go out on your own, there are things to consider. You have to decide what type of business you will be. There are a few basic business organizational structures, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Most Bounty Hunter Companies are Sole Proprietors but the other options also have their advantages.

Who to Work For

When you become a Bounty Hunter, you will work for many different bail bondsmen. The best way to find out who the better ones are is to talk to other Bounty Hunters. They will be able to share with you their experiences especially if you are learning from bounty hunters in other states that you won’t be competing with them.

In addition bail bondsmen look for certain things in a Bounty Hunter. The bail bondsmen can be held responsible for the Bounty Hunters they employ in certain states. Most bail bondsmen want someone with experience but at the least good judgment. If you just came out of training, you must be able to give examples where you showed good judgment.

For example if you’ve been able to bring in a few “serious criminals” that you were put in dangerous situations apprehending. This kind of stuff is basically like your portfolio. Keep everything documented so you can refer back to situations when looking to get in with a high profile bail bondsmen.

Another way to find them is to research the surety companies in your area and see who they use. You can develop helpful contacts and learn how they find people, safely apprehend them, and stay within legal bounds.

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