Ex-Cons Becoming Bounty Hunters Soon to be Illegal

Bounty hunters are popular especially since the shows that have surrounded them. Bounty hunters are people who are contracted by bail bondsmen to go out and locate, detain, and arrest people who have skipped out on their bail. This job can be dangerous for many bounty hunters and they can be shot or hurt in the process of detaining defendants.

Not all states have required bounty hunters to be licensed or certified. This licensing and certifying is a good way for the bounty hunters to be properly trained. The classes teach them how to deal with the problems they may run into and how to deal with certain situations. In general, there were no restrictions on who could become a bounty hunter. It was not uncommon for bounty hunters to consist of ex-cons.

Bounty hunters need to be able to locate defendants and then they stake out their house to make sure that the defendant actually lives there or occupies the house. Once they have determined that the defendant does occupy the home, they can then make contact. Bounty hunters are allowed to enter a home as long as they believe the defendant is in the home. If the hunter comes into contact with the defendant, the hunter can arrest the defendant and detain him.

Recently, bail bondsmen have been weeding out bounty hunters that are not certified and licensed. They also have not been hiring ex-cons to be bounty hunters anymore. This is because there are newer regulations that are holding bondsmen liable for the bounty hunter’s actions. If a bounty hunter acts outside of his scope of allowance then he puts the bondsmen into danger. The bondsmen can get in trouble for the actions of their hunters and this is a direct reflection on them. Because of this, bail bondsmen do not want to take the chances of a bounty hunter being an ex-con and then doing something illegal. Not many people hire felons and ex-cons anymore because there is a stigma about it.

By being held for the actions of their bounty hunters, bail bondsmen will be sure to hire hunters that are properly trained and can do the job without sacrificing the safety of anyone. Bounty hunters are allowed to arrest and detain defendants and this causes some concern when an ex-con is a bounty hunter.

Most states are now not allowing any bounty hunters to not be licensed or certified. This is to protect the bounty hunters themselves, the bail bondsmen, and also the public. Having people perform a job without proper training is dangerous for all involved. When someone is given the power to arrest and detain someone, they need to get their licensing so that they know the scope of their limitations and how they should be acting. New laws are starting to completely weed out bounty hunters that are ex-cons.

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