Bail Agents now Liable for Bounty Hunters Actions on Duty

Previous to recently bail agents were not responsible for their bounty agents. Many bounty agents were able to practice without even having a license or any type of formal training. Even if you had a felony, you could still be a bounty agent and hunt down and also arrest people. This was starting to become a problem and especially after one bounty agent was shot in Kansas. So what is the difference between the two and why is it important to change the regulations? Continue reading to find out.

Bail Bondsmen

This person is responsible for writing up a contract and then posting bail for someone who is in jail. They typically require a type of collateral to post the bail and are promised to be paid back in a certain amount of time. They will then pay for your bond and get you out of jail. They are licensed to work in their respective states.

Bounty Hunter

These people track down inmates that have been released and then does not ever show up to their court date as they were supposed to. These people are considered to have skipped out on their bail. Bounty hunters are typically trained to tactfully handle these criminals who never appeared in front of the judge. Bounty hunters are hired to go and locate these criminals and arrest them.


Most states, not all, require that a bounty hunter be trained and have proper licensing to do his job. During the licensing, the bounty hunter will be trained on locating people as well as learning how to take the down without any incidents.

The training is needed because sometimes defendants will become hostile and violent. This is where the training comes in handy and allows the bounty hunter to be able to stay calm and handle the situation.


There have been some sparks of interest into bounty hunters and getting injured on the job. Most states are now requiring that bounty hunters be licensed and go through training prior to performing their job. Bail bondsmen are being held responsible for their bounty hunters. They are being held liable for the actions of their hunters and how they conduct themselves.

This will help to ensure that only people who are properly licensed and trained are performing the job and that they are acting in accordance with their regulations.

Bail bondsmen are not going to want to take the risk of hiring bounty hunters who are not doing what they are supposed to do and taking risks on the job.

This new regulation is going to be beneficial for everyone because it will require the new hunters to become properly certified and it will also allow bondsmen to be held responsible. The regulation will help keep bounty hunters safer and will help the hunters be able to handle certain situations with ease and avoid dangerous situations.

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