Skip Tracing Facts

Skip tracing is the term used when a company is trying to locate someone. The company could be a debt collection agency, the court system or just someone trying to trace his ancestry. It involves research and a bit of luck. If the person being looked for is not trying to avoid paying a debt or some type of legal action, it is not an intentional skip and is usually much easier to find.

Data Collected

When a skip agent starts to look for you, they will work to find any and all information available on you. The Internet might hold some valuable information. Once they have an address for you, no matter how old, they will start there. Asking neighbors if they remember you and know where you are, checking for magazine subscriptions that have been forwarded, and checking with the local post office for a new address. They will do the same with your phone number.

Following you Online

The amount of information that can be learned with a simple Internet search is astounding. In some cases, where you have worked or currently work is available from your employers social media site. If you are going to school anywhere it could be online. Many counties have court records open to the public; making searching for you easy if you have even had a recent traffic ticket.

Interstate Searching

With the advances made in technology, leaving a state to avoid being found does not work as well as it did before. Honestly, quite often it is your own social media pages that will give you away. If you have a job or career that requires a state license, you can be found when you apply for it in your new state. Driver’s licenses and car registrations are another way to find you when you move to a different state.

What Happens When you are Found

What happens after the skip tracer finds you depends on why you are being looked for in the first place. If you are needed to testify in court you will be given a summons. If you are wanted for missing a court appearance, you will be taken into custody until you see a judge or new bail is arranged and paid. If it is a debt collector looking for you, expect wither a series of phone calls, letters or a combination until you either make payment arrangements, pay the bill in full or move again. If someone is trying to locate you for heritage reasons, the skip tracer will notify you and ask your permission before letting the person looking for you know where you are.

Hiding is not as easy as it used to be. If you change your name and appearance, there is still a paper trail. Unless you are being hunted by someone who wants to do bodily harm to you, it is a good idea to stay where you are and face whatever consequences you have coming to you. If you are being stalked by someone crazy, let the authorities know so they can help keep you safe.

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