Myths Regarding Bail Bonds

Bail bonds have been a way for people to get out of jail while waiting for their trial for a long time. It is surprising that there are still so many people who are not sure what it means or how it works. While you may have never had the need to worry about a bail bond or know anyone who has, it is still a very common thing. In case you ever do something or are accused of something and are detained behind bars, it is a good thing if you have the knowledge of how to be released so you can help set the record straight.

Paying Your Own Bail

Once your bail has been set, you can have someone that has access to your money come to the station and pay your pay for you. You cannot just take a credit card out of your wallet or write a check or even pay cash there yourself. When you are first arrested all your possessions will be taken from you and not given back until you are released. If you know someone who you trust, you can designate that they are allowed to receive your items and then they can pay the bail if you have the money in there. They will not be able to use one of your credit cards or write a check on your account unless they are authorized to do so.

Contacting a Friend or Relative to Pay

If you do not have the funds yourself, you can make a few phone calls and see if anyone you know has the money or can pool together to pay your bail and get you released.

Using a Bail Bond Company

When you have no other way of coming up with your bail, you can have a friend or relative go to a bail bond company and ask for a bond to pay the bail. It will require that you have a certain percentage of the bail money to pay for their services. This money will not be refunded to you if you go to court, it is the bond fee.

Getting Your Bail Money Back

If you were able to have the bail posted without the use of a bond company, the money will be returned once you appear at your court hearing. Not all the money will be returned though. There will be administrative fees taken off and if you are fined, the fine and any penalties will be kept as well. You will need to be prepared to pay back anyone who came up with your bail for these fees. You may not get any money back and still have to pay more to settle the fine.

Unless you are released on your own recognizance or into someone’s custody, you can be sure to have to pay something to the court system any time you are placed under arrest. If you have any type of ticket or fine that will put you in jail if you do not pay by a certain date it is always better to show up in court on the day it is due than to let it go into a failure to appear status. In most cases the judge will grant you some type of payment plan to pay the fine. This will save you any warrant fees and the administration costs of having to post bail.

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