Lipstick Bounty Hunters Accused of Civil Rights Violations

A recent report suggests that the pink wearing ladies from Lipstick Bail Bonds are a topic of concern again. A woman in Hawthorne has said that the bounty hunters violated her civil rights by forcing their way into her home on the 19th to search for her ex-boyfriend. The woman feels so upset about the situation that she apparently is suing the bounty hunters with the assistance of a San Diego attorney. The confrontation was caught on tape by the woman in question and the bounty hunters themselves.

The woman said that she was afraid and concerned about what would happen if her daughter was pulled into the situation. Her daughter, who is 7 years old, was in another room at the time that the bounty hunters had arrived. Having brought the situation to the attention of an attorney, it seems that she may have a legitimate case. The attorney was quoted by press as stating that not only would this be illegal for a police officer to take part in, but it would be even more illegal for a private citizen to participate in – which are essentially the role of bounty hunters.

The bounty hunters claim that they can legally enter a home by force if they have a “reasonable belief” that there is a felony fugitive present there. Some of the bonds agents had received information that suggested that the woman’s ex-boyfriend was making late night visits to the apartment. Two days before the incident occurred, the ex-boyfriend’s parents had told a judge that the woman would have known where he would have been staying at the time. The bounty hunters claim that they asked the woman to open her door for around 30 minutes before they had no choice but to enter by force.

However, the attorney claims that the bounty hunters entry into the apartment was unlawful because they had already seen that the woman had entered and exited the apartment alone for a period of time. He cites that there is other evidence that suggests that the bounty hunters had no reason to pursue entry into her home. Earlier in the month, another bounty hunting team had also forced their way into the home of the woman in question. Regarding the Lipstick bounty hunters, they are said to have harassed the woman’s daughter and to have used a racial slur.

Lipstick Bail Bonds gained national attention a month ago when it posted a video of a violent confrontation that was held between the female bounty hunters and a man that they were attempting to arrest inside of an Arby’s restaurant. The attorney that is representing the woman in her civil rights lawsuit is also representing the man from the previous case in another lawsuit. He believes that both lawsuits could reach up to seven figures based on the actions of the bounty hunters and the amount of evidence that the other parties have against them in court.

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