New York Judge Seeks to Change Bail Process

After the outing of a New York Judge claiming that there are injustices in the bail system, he is out to set new changes for the system. Jonathan Lippman, a New York Judge, has claimed that there are many injustices in the New York bail system. He is appalled at that fact that New York is one of four states that does not take the safety of the public into consideration when granting bail. He has also expressed his concerns that the bail system is setting up certain people for failure and not allowing them proper means to be released from jail.

Lippman talks about the first injustice of the bail system being that the jail houses a lot of low income people who are being held for low and petty crimes. These people are not being released on bail and being left to sit in the jail not giving them their opportunity at being out in society before their hearing. Criminals who have committed far worse crimes are being released back into society and this poses a major harm to the public.

The Judge called for a complete overhaul of the system and wants changes made to the system. He says that the biggest problem is that the jail is housing low level crime committers and allowing major crime committers to be released. The jails are flooded with petty crime committers. There is such an abundance of them and we are wasting tax money on housing them there.

There is no protection currently when it comes to dangerous criminals. They are released into the community if they can place bail. There is no risk assessment done to decide whether they will pose harm or a threat to the community. Lippman wants this to change. He thinks that there needs to be safety in the community and we need to be holding these types of criminals, not allowing them out on bail.

Lastly, Lippman wants to expand the supervised release program and provide more social services. This will benefit inmates because it will keep better track of them when they are released. If a high profile criminal is released, then this new program will help keep a better eye on them and control their actions a little more. The social service programs will provide interventions for criminals and help the re-enter society and teach them about working and education.

These programs will be beneficial to have in place to allow the rehabilitation of criminals while they are released on bail. Preventing criminals that pose a major threat to society should continue to be held to keep the safety of the public in mind. Lippman is against keeping the system the way it is now and he definitely wants an overhaul and is pushing for a change in the system to take place immediately. This issue will run through the court system for some time, but the goal is a noble one and is to help not only bail processors but the system as a whole.

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