Bail Bond Requirements Across the Country

Regardless of the city, state, or county that you live in there are several bail bond requirements that are the same across the country. These requirements are basic requirements but may mean the difference between an individual obtaining a bail bond and having to serve time until their court dates. In order to understand these bail bond requirements and to know what to expect when contacting a bail bondsman, here are a few basic bail bond requirements across the country.

Age Requirements

A general age requirement is needed to obtain a bail bond. The minimum age requirement may be between the ages of 18 and 21. However the general bail bond requirement across the country is that the individual must be 21 years old. Individuals who are considered a minor, or under the age of 18, may not obtain a bail bond for themselves. They will need a cosigner or adult who meet the age requirements and can sign for the bail bond.

Legal Issues

There are certain requirements that bail bonds request in regards to legal issues. For example, individuals with a long criminal history or a history of obtaining and not paying their bail bonds will not be able to obtain a bail bond regardless of their location. Individuals with murder charges or other serious charges may also not be able to obtain a bail bond. Though the requirements for the legal issues may change, legal issues are a base requirement across the country to obtain a bail bond.


Though each state determines collateral based on various criteria, collateral will be required to obtain a bail bond. This collateral can come in the form of proof of funds in the bank to cover the bonds, real estate to cover the bond or other types of collateral that are legal within that state for bail bond usage. When you sign for a bail bond, obtain a bail bond or have a cosigner sign for a bail bond, collateral will need to be shown at the time of the bail bond.

Promissory Note

A note or signature will need to be signed by the person obtaining the bail bond. This will not only confirm that the person that set the terms and conditions agreed upon, repayment of the bail bond and other stipulations of the bail bond but it will also show that the person understands they must show up to court on the given date. If the individual does not show up to court on the given date they are considered a bail jumper and the bondsman or bounty hunter hired by the bail bond company can and will find out the location of the individual and bring that individual to be imprisoned. 

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