Getting a Bail Bond in Arkansas

Requirements for a Bail Bond in Arkansas

There are not many requirements for those who are seeking to post a bond for someone who is in jail. The bail bond agency will request several forms of identification and personal information for their records and overall verification. The agency may also ask several questions regarding the individual that the bail is being posted for, assuming that the individual is not able to handle bail on their own.

Obtaining a Bail Bond in Arkansas with a Criminal History

Bail bonds can be obtained for those who have a steady criminal history. The history is going to factor on the decision of if the individual will need to submit collateral in order to gain bail, however. Individuals who have a criminal history but have always complied with the circumstances and requirements of the legal aspects of the situation tend to get bail more easily. In contrast, those who are known for missing their court hearings and other related meetings generally need to have collateral to insure the overall price of the bail.

Collateral Requirements or Restrictions in Arkansas

Vehicles and real estate are accepted as forms of collateral to cover the price of the bail bond. All of the fees and expenses that are associated with the bond are due at the time of the agreement. The law also requires that the individual should pay at least 10% of the price of the bail. If the bail exceeds $350 or below, there is a minimum premium of at least $50 as well. This does not include the other fees which are associated with writing the bond.

Finding a Bail Bondsman in Arkansas

Individuals can get in contact with a bail bondsman by browsing some available information sources. These can include the internet, yellow pages, legal directories, or by direct inquiry. Many legal firms have directories and lists of local bail bonds services which you can contact for further information if you believe that you may need to post bail for someone. The internet is often the greatest resource for contact information.

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