Getting a Bail Bond in Arizona

Requirements for a Bail Bond in Arizona

People who are in need of a bail bond will have to present a variety of information to the bail bond agency during their initial application process. The agency will likely request information including social security number, driver’s license, ID card, proof of employment, employer information, and home address. The premium will need to be paid in order for the bail bond to be written, and the premium tends to be around 10% of the bail price, though it can be higher. Sometimes it is discounted depending on the circumstances. Other fees may be included; in Arizona, there is often an administration fee of $150 and up.

Obtaining a Bail Bond in Arizona with a Criminal History

It is not difficult for individuals with a criminal history to obtain a bail bond. In fact, bonds are commonly used by those who are dealing with their criminal history. The criminal history is only significant in the sense that it will determine if collateral is necessary in some situations. Those who have a more negative criminal history usually have to offer a form of collateral in order to ensure that their bail will be covered if they are not abiding by the requirements for their court hearings.

Collateral Requirements or Restrictions in Arizona

There are no known restrictions ore requirements regarding the use of collateral within the state of Arizona. Like other states, individuals are able to offer up various possessions and property to fulfill the amount of the bail bond price if they are not able to attend their meetings and hearings as required. This is done as a form of insurance for the agency so that there will not be any large losses if a client does not attend the hearing as scheduled.

Finding a Bail Bondsman in Arizona

Individuals can find information about bail bond agencies within their area by searching within the yellow pages. The internet also provides a vast amount of resources for those who are seeking possible contact information. Those who are not able to find information via this method can also inquire about bail bonds from the legal institution responsible for their case.

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