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There is always an application process when applying for bail. This application will ask several question and the answers are expected to be truthful and given in specific detail when required. The bail application may be filled out by the person requesting bail, a co-signer or a representative for the individual. This will depend on the state and country ordinances as well as what the bail bondsman is willing to accept on the application. There are 15 basic questions that generally will be asked on all applications for bail. These questions should be thought about and answered completely, factually and as accurately as possible on the application.

  • What charges was the defendant arrested on?
  • Are any of the charges felony charges?
  • Is this the first arrest? If not, what was the nature of previous arrests, charges, was timed served or where the charges dropped?
  • Are there any outstanding charges from a previous or active case?
  • Is the defendant on probation or parole?
  • List any previous charges or prior arrests.
  • Has the defendant used a bail bondsman in the past? If so, who and is the payment still outstanding?
  • Is the judge aware of the application for bail?
  • Does the defendant have a lawyer?
  • Is the lawyer aware of the application for bail?
  • Is the defendant ready to plead and if so what is that plea?
  • Does the defendant live within the city or county limits?
  • Does the defendant have any resources that would create a flight risk?
  • When is the hearing date?
  • Is there a plan if the application for bail is denied?

These are just a few of the questions that may be asked on an application. Some applications are as long as 200 questions while others ask a small amount of very specific questions. Regardless of the application answers and the willingness to provide those answers, the bail hearing is what makes or breaks the application process.

Before applying for bail there are a few steps that should be taken and questions to consider. How to pay the bail, will the judge approve the bail, what are the options if the application fails, can the application be paid back and what are the financial options if the first option for payback is not available. The bail bondsman will generally want to speak with the defendant or the co-signer of the bail bond application. They will want to discuss the case, the charges, the potential plea and the requirements or conditions of the bond.

When a an applicant has all the information ready and the application is filed it is then in the hands of the bail bondsman and the judge during the bail hearing to decide if it is approved. Remember to always have options for payback, if the application fails and for possible back-up co-signers on the bail bond.

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