Getting a Bail Bond in Alaska

Requirements for a Bail Bond in Alaska

People who are in search of getting a bail bond will need to present some personally identifiable information to the agency. This may include driver’s license information, ID cards, social security number, and home address. The agency may also request information regarding employer information and verification of employment, such as pay stubs. A premium will need to be paid for the bail bond, usually at the rate of 10% of the bail price. This can include some fees, which will vary on the circumstances. Premiums may be discounted, but are not negotiable.

Obtaining a Bail Bond in Alaska with a Criminal History

Overall, using bail bonds is common for those who have a criminal history. The level of criminal activity that the individual has had can affect whether or not they will have to pay collateral to the bail bond agency. If an individual has not been responsible and has been avoiding going to their court dates or other legal meetings, they would be considered to be more of a risk, which would mean that they would need to have collateral available in order to cover the price of the bail.

Collateral Requirements or Restrictions in Alaska

Whether or not collateral will be used in order to write the bond tends to depend strongly on the situation and the criminal history of the individual. There are many bail bond agencies that do not require collateral. The collateral can be provided in the form of cash or property. It is used in case the individual does not attend their legal meetings as requested, allowing the bail agency to make up for any losses by covering it with the collateral. Usually, the use of collateral is not necessary unless there is a very high bail price set by the court.

Finding a Bail Bondsman in Alaska

It is simple to find a suitable bail bondsman within the state of Alaska. Individuals can find contact information and further details regarding bonds by performing a short search on the internet or seeking information within the yellow pages. Some legal services are also able to provide insight into bail bonds contacts.

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