Getting a Bail Bond in Alabama

Requirements for a Bail Bond in Alabama

Individuals who are seeking to gain a bail bond within the state of Alabama must provide several types of information during the application process. This includes employment verification, identification, address information, social security number, and other personally identifiable information. In order to gain access to the bail, it is necessary for the individual to pay a premium and fees. The fees tend to vary depending on the situation of the person facing legal action, whereas the premiums are set by the standards of the state. Premiums begin at 10% and may continue to rise.

Obtaining a Bail Bond in Alabama with a Criminal History

Bail bonds are provided to a variety of individuals, regardless of their criminal history. It is important to understand that the criminal history can influence whether or not the individual will need to offer collateral when arranging the use of a bail bond. If the individual has had previous criminal history but has not abided correctly by the requirements of the consequences or legal agreements, the agency may request that collateral is used to provide insurance in case the individual does not attend their court date or other related legal activities.

Collateral Requirements or Restrictions in Alabama

Usually, collateral is not a necessary requirement if the individual is dealing with a general legal situation. However, in circumstances where the individual may have to pay a high amount of bail, collateral may be requested. The collateral is used to cover the price of the bail if the defendant is not available to attend their court date or avoids the following legal proceedings. Collateral for the state of Alabama is usually 1 ½ to 2 times the price of the actual bail bond..

Finding a Bail Bondsman in Alabama

Those who are seeking to find bail bonds within the state of Alabama can do so by consulting the internet or their local yellow pages. Individuals who are having issues with finding a bail bondsman or believe that they may be in need of one may be able to get additional access to information about these services by inquiring at the legal institution where the proceedings are to be held.

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